Privatus Butas

Executors: Dalisima

Goal: To manufacture furniture from natural materials, combining natural textures with contemporary design. To achieve lightness, but at the same time, not losing the uniqueness of the furniture design.

Materials: Laminated EGGER MDF board, veneered furniture board, painted MDF, CORIAN countertop, BLUM hardware; in the hallway area, a decorative particle board (MDF) was used, which helped to create a sense of comfort.

Execution: In the living room area, the main element is the kitchen, where natural materials and lightness of modern design are combined. The interior’s highlight is the island and staircase leading up to a mansard window with access to the terrace (roof window). The unique design of the staircase allows it to be used both as intended and as a shelving unit.

The uniquely crafted window above the island provides natural lighting, filling the space with natural light. The seamless countertop made from CORIAN material is a classic of acrylic countertops. This material is water-resistant, durable, and renewable. The wall covering in the hallway adds a special cozy and aesthetic touch to the entire project.