Guarantees and return of goods

24 monthsv guarantee

The furniture has a 24-month warranty. The warranty period begins to run from the moment when the seller is considered to have duly fulfilled the obligation to transfer the product to the buyer, as provided for in the contract. The guarantee is provided only upon presentation of the following purchase documents: sales contract, cash payment receipt.

During the warranty period, we will correct, complete or replace the identified quantitative or qualitative discrepancies at our own expense. Apie pastebėtą defektą baldo naudojimo metu prašome pranešti UAB „Dalisima“ kontaktais. We will inform you about the decision immediately by the means of contact you specify. Exchange, return or elimination of defects of goods is carried out in accordance with the rules of retail trade (TAR, 2014-07-28, no. 10565, valid from 2014-07-29).

Conditions for granting the guarantee

The warranty applies to all composite parts and parts thereof, except for cabinet furniture lighting bulbs and Transformers. Differences in texture and shade of natural wood, natural leather, and other materials, changes in natural wood or natural leather and other surfaces are not considered to be a lack of product quality. Natural changes in the wear and tear of the fabric or leather shall not be regarded as a lack of quality of the goods.

The guarantee of the quality of the goods is not applicable if the buyer or persons to whom the buyer transferred the goods used them not for the purposes for which such goods are normally used, did not comply with the requirements specified in the instructions, violated the rules of Transportation, collection, storage, use, storage, maintenance and operation of the goods, as well as if visible defects in the packaging of the goods or other external defects discussed in writing during the transfer of the goods or deterioration of the quality of the goods is caused by the actions of the buyer or other persons to whom the buyer sold the goods.

During the warranty period, the seller corrects or replaces the defects (defects) of the quality of the product at his own expense within the specified period unless otherwise agreed with the customer:

  • korpusiniai baldai – per 60 darbo dienų;

Prekių grąžinimas

When you are not satisfied with your quality item, you can return it within 365 calendar days and recover all the money paid.

Conditions for returning goods:

  • The returned item must be in the original neat packaging (this item does not apply in case of Return of the defective item)(you can cut the strips for closing the package to inspect the item);
  • The product must be undamaged by the buyer (changes to the appearance of the product or its packaging, which were necessary to inspect the product, cannot be considered as material changes to the appearance of the product);
  • The product must be unused, not losing its marketable appearance (intact labels, protective films, etc.).) (this item does not apply in case of Return of defective goods);
  • The returned item must be of the same configuration as the one received by the buyer;
  • When returning a product, it is necessary to provide a document on its acquisition;
  • The seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the buyer if the buyer does not comply with the specified established procedure for returning the goods.

Return of defective goods

When the wrong goods and/or defective goods are returned, the seller undertakes to pick up such goods at his own expense and replace them with similar suitable goods. While the seller has no similar goods, he returns the money paid for the product(EU) to the buyer.

Return of an unloved product

When a quality item that the buyer did not like is returned, it can be returned within 365 calendar days and all the money paid can be recovered, butthe buyer must return the quality furniture that he did not like in the undamaged package on his transport to the Dalisima warehouse .

Exchange of goods

Replacement, return or elimination of defects of goods is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and resolution 2014-07-22 LRV no.738 “on the approval of retail regulations”.

The rules for returning, buying and other goods indicated on the internet apply only to goods purchased in the online store. After purchasing the goods in the salon, the buyer must follow the rules that are specified in the purchase and sale agreement and the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.