Architect’s Home


Goal: To Achieve maximum even lines in combination with modern design.

Materials: : Laminated chip board, painted MDF board,compact countertop, painted metal furniture structures. .

Youth Rebellion, 40 sqm.

Authors: IDAS

Materials: painted MDF

Goal: To manufacture a small minimalist-style kitchen, cabinet furniture for the living area, a 4-section closet.

HESBURGER, Lithuania.

Executors: Dalisima

Goal: To manufacture furniture for the fast-food restaurant chain – HESBURGER.

Materials: Wall finishing and furniture material BIRCH PLY, CORIAN countertops, laminated MDF board, painted MDF board, LED lighting, metal furniture structures.

Private apartment

Executors: Dalisima

Goal: To manufacture furniture from natural materials, combining natural textures with contemporary design. To achieve lightness, but at the same time, not losing the uniqueness of the furniture design.

Materials: Laminated EGGER MDF board, veneered furniture board, painted MDF, CORIAN countertop, BLUM hardware; in the hallway area, a decorative particle board (MDF) was used, which helped to create a sense of comfort.